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We are proud to offer online payments through our partner, Authorize.Net®, a leading provider of payment gateway services since 1996. Authorize.Net manages the complex routing of transaction data from your business to the credit card and electronic check payment processing networks, ensuring secure and reliable deposit of funds into your merchant account.


Online and Manual Payments
Accept online payments via your website.
Enter telephone and mail orders through the included Virtual Terminal.

Payment Types
Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express®, Discover® and electronic checks.

Customer Checkout
Customers pay on your website or on a custom Authorize.Net payment page, based on the integration method you choose.

Receive Payments Quickly
Automated deposit into your merchant bank account, typically within two business days.

Online Account Management
Log into your secure account for real-time reports showing transaction history and balances.

Technical Support
Online Knowledge Base
Free support via telephone, chat, and email five days a week.

Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard compliant.

Risk Management
You never need to store sensitive data on your computer – Authorize.Net safeguards it in their secure data center.

Fraud Prevention
Standard features, as well as optional Advanced Fraud Detection Suite™ (AFDS), help you recognize suspicious transactions.

Billing Services
Bill a repeat customer without storing their payment information or asking for it again. Optional Automated Recurring Billing™ (ARB) is also available.

We enable you to Process on state of the art payment gateways like Authorize.Net and much more!

How Does It Works

Reduce Costs
Minimize and prevent authorization and chargeback fees as well as possible inventory loss resulting from fraudulent transactions.

Protect Profits
Maximize legitimate transactions, rather than refusing business due to a fear of potential fraud.


Maximize Flexibility
Customize filter settings according to your unique business needs.

Improve Intelligence
Restrict transaction activity from specific Internet Protocol (IP) addresses using powerful IP tools.

Easy to Use
A setup wizard guides you through the configuration process.

Amount Filter
Set lower and upper transaction amount thresholds to restrict high-risk transactions often used to test the validity of credit card numbers.

Hourly Velocity Filter
Limit the total number of transactions received per hour, preventing high-volume attacks common with fraudulent transactions.

Shipping-Billing Mismatch Filter
Identify high-risk transactions with different shipping and billing addresses, potentially indicating purchases made using a stolen credit card.

Transaction IP Velocity Filter
Isolate suspicious activity from a single source by identifying excessive transactions received from the same IP address.

Suspicious Transaction Filter
Reviews highly suspicious transactions using proprietary criteria identified by Authorize.Net's dedicated Fraud Management Team.

Authorized AIM IP Addresses
Allows merchant submitting Advanced Integration Method (AIM) transactions to designate specific server IP addresses that are authorized to submit transactions.

IP Address Blocking
Block transactions from IP addresses known to be used for fraudulent activity.

Enhanced AVS Handling Filter
The Address Verification Service (AVS) is a standard feature of the payment gateway that compares the address submitted with an order to the address on file with the customer's credit card issuer. Merchants can then choose to reject or allow transactions based on the AVS response codes. AFDS includes a new AVS filter that assists the decision process by allowing merchants the additional options of flagging AVS transactions for monitoring purposes, or holding them for manual review.

Enhanced CCV Handling Filter
Like AVS, Card Code Verification (CCV) is a standard feature of the payment gateway. CCV uses a card's three- or four-digit number to validate customer information on file with the credit card association. Like the AVS Filter, the CCV Filter allows merchants the additional options of flagging CCV transactions for monitoring purposes, or holding them for manual review.

Shipping Address Verification Filter
Verifies that the shipping address received with an order is a valid postal address.

IP Shipping Address Mismatch Filter
Compare the shipping address provided with an order to the IP address of where the order originated from. This helps to determine whether or not the order is shipping to the country from which it originated.

Regional IP Address Filter
Flag orders coming from specific regions or countries. You can choose to customize the filter actions based on an entire geographic area, or select country by country how to process transactions flagged by the filter.

Advanced Fraud Detection Suite™

We empower your payments with the latest solutions:

Learn how to reduce customer Churn, retain more customers and increase billings with our Decline Salvage Solution.

According to MasterCard, decline rates for recurring card billings average 25-30% that adds up to a lot of lost revenue from customers who don't want to stop paying for your goods or services. with the cost to acquire a new customer 5 to 10x more expensive than retaining an existing one, involuntary churn has a significant impact on your long -term revenue streams. 

You work hard to attract and keep loyal customers. Losing any customer is bad enough, but losing loyal customers who want to keep paying for your products and services to card declines is painful and affects even the most sophisticated business.

Our solution will help you recover most Lost revenue to declined card payments and help you deliver more a more positive customer experience!
which provide you with customers' new credit card number and card expiration date to avoid decline & boost revenue.

Help your business
Reduce declined transactions resulting from out-of-date account data.
Increase customer retention and satisfaction by ensuring their data is up to date.
Reduce direct and indirect costs associated with the resource intensive processes otherwise required to maintain your customers’ account data.
Reduce processing costs associated with attempts on out-of date account data.

Help your customers
Receive uninterrupted service.
Avoid unnecessary contact with you for account information updates.
Enjoy a long-term relationship with you.

Contact us today for more information about our Decline Salvage solution to Recover avoidable declines and boost profits-easily and quickly.

Identify, manage and prevent suspicious and potentially costly fraudulent transactions with our Advanced Fraud Detection Suite™ (AFDS). Customize its rules-based filters and tools to your business.
According to the results of the 13th annual CyberSource Online Fraud Report, U.S. merchants lost an estimated $3.4 billion to fraud in 2011.

The Advanced Fraud Detection Suite was specifically built to provide merchants with tools to better combat online fraud. Here's how the Advanced Fraud Detection Suite can help:

AFDS includes multiple filters and tools that work together to evaluate transactions for indicators of fraud. Their combined logic provides a powerful and highly effective defense against fraudulent transactions.

In addition to the filters listed below, Authorize.Net also offers a new Daily Velocity Filter at no charge. The Daily Velocity Filter allows you to specify a threshold for the number of transactions allowed per day, a useful tactic to identify high-volume fraud attacks.

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Featured Solution: Decline Salvage: