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Direct Marketing Solutions
There are lots of good reasons why we process more non face-to-face credit card transactions than anybody else. Every second of every day, we help thousands of businesses speed up their cash flow, enhance their bottom line and reach their goals.
We work around the clock to help make your business operate more efficiently, more securely and more reliably. Our talented employees keep our company at the top of its form and we utilize the latest technologies; we are committed to helping your business become the best it can be.

Restaurant Solutions
Varied Terminal Interfaces - Our applications are easy to use both for day-to-day operations and for training of new personnel. Enhanced features include tip-editing and tab forwarding. We also support hardware platforms that include VeriFone Tranz® or Omni®, Hypercom®, Ingenico® and Lipman®, among others.

Wireless Solutions
Adding flexibility and mobility to your checkout process can improve customer services and expand your sales. With our wireless solutions, transactions can be processed securely and swiftly, allowing your customer to pay on the spot. In addition to convenience for your customer, you also add common payment options to your card acceptance plan.  

E-Commerce Solutions
We process more non face-to-face credit card transactions than anybody else. 
we offer the widest variety of payment options in the industry—helping you grow your online sales and customer base across multiple channels and geographies.

Products and Services:
Virtual Terminal is a web-based application that lets you authorize, capture, and settle your payments and more directly from your computer.
Payment Gateway is a proprietary system that securely delivers and encrypts your customers' payment information during electronic transmittal.
Managed Billing is a service that provides a simple, convenient way to collect recurring, deferred and installment billing automatically.

Retail Solutions
Varied Terminal Interfaces - Our applications are developed to work in almost any type of POS environments. We also support industry-specific terminal features and hardware platforms that feature Clover, VeriFone Tranz® or Omni®, Hypercom®, Lipman®, Ingenico® and TeleCheck® terminals, among others. And if you already own your terminal, in most cases we can convert you to our system quickly and easily. We offer free reprogramming of your existing compatible terminal.

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